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Rick Wilson pours cold water on Lauren Boebert's desire to turn America into a 'Christian nation'

Raw Story 25 Sep 2022
Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Georgia hard-liner, declared ... And when the constitution was being framed, we had states and we had leaders who all understood that this country was going to have a pluralistic approach to religion, which was to say, the government would neither condone nor suppress any religion." ... J6 'truth' rally at Capitol flops. report.

Backing candidates down to the state level, Trump's fundraising machine builds a party loyal to him

Yahoo Daily News 24 Sep 2022
The truth is the truth.” ... In an interview with USA TODAY, Farnsworth said he is trying to do what he believes is right, and that people who do not want to look into the 2020 election want to suppress the truth ... the Trump-affiliated Truth Social, adding the hashtag #StopTheFraud.

Secrecy Is Lifted, But the Government Continues Its Punitive Prosecution of Richard Boyle

Sydney Criminal Lawyers 23 Sep 2022
The crime of truth-telling ... And in launching these cases, the controversial AG applied never-before-used secrecy measures to K and Collaery’s matters, as well as similar laws to hide the truth in McBride’s prosecution, and this pattern continued when the prosecutor sought a suppression order for Boyle’s case in July.

Deafening Silences: propaganda through censorship, smearing and coercion

Off Guardian 23 Sep 2022
To this one might add the propensity of those with power to define themselves as the arbiters of truth and morality. ... A preliminary examination of events over the last 2.5 years indicates this suppression has operated in at least three different ways ... Those who desire to suppress it, of course deny its truth; but they are not infallible.

Passion and determination help solve family mysteries - opinion

The Jerusalem Post 22 Sep 2022
As the saying goes, truth can be even stranger than fiction! Even the reader who thought he/she did not love history ... “To unearth such stories takes great determination, patience and sensitivity, not least because so many of those who survived did so by suppressing the truth.

Rights of mentally ill defendants under scrutiny of state Supreme Court

Colorado Politics 21 Sep 2022
By that point, psychiatrist Hal Wortzel had already evaluated Liggett's competency and based his opinions in part on Liggett's now-suppressed statements to police ... It also argued that allowing Liggett's suppressed statements to be used against the defense more broadly helped with the "truth-seeking process" of a criminal trial.

Artist Makes it Happen With Clay and Kiln

The Pilot 20 Sep 2022
Michelangelo was only 26 when he sculpted David. Picasso’s famous Blue Period began in his 20th year. Van Gogh died at 37, after selling only one painting ... I am intrigued with the ease and routine nature of stretching the truth in terms of personal identities, feelings and afflictions. I see this act of suppression in myself.” ... Ted Fitzgerald/The Pilot.

How LifeSite became heavily involved in exposing global COVID tyranny

Life Site 19 Sep 2022
Tech giants have since heavily suppressed all truth-tellers, including LifeSite. For doing all of this, LifeSite began to suffer the same increasing suppression that the truckers and many thousands of physicians and medical scientists suffered ... institutions were suppressing.

What Roles Do Psychologists and Sociologists Play in the COVID-19 Narrative?

GlobalResearch 19 Sep 2022
To receive Global Research’s Daily Newsletter (selected articles), click here ... At this late date, it’s clear as gin that the so-called “mis- and disinformation” alluded to by the people behind the Mercury Project are actually the truths the pharmaceutical/governmental/media conglomerate struggles to suppress ... Truth is a powerful instrument.”. ISBN.

OPINION | Why does TRS shudder over Liberation Day?

Deccan Chronicle 17 Sep 2022
Due to political opportunism, all the governments, which came into power in the region, tried to suppress the truth and facts and mislead people regarding Hyderabad Liberation Day ... These official celebrations are an effort to take the truth behind Hyderabad Liberation Day to every ...

Right-wing fake history is nothing new

Raw Story 17 Sep 2022
Directives to Florida teachers ordering that books about LGBTQ people be put "in the closet" speaks volumes about where the red-state suppression of truth and free inquiry is going ... the closet" speaks volumes about where red-state suppression of truth and free inquiry is going.).

How ‘social justice’ is corrupting science

New York Post 17 Sep 2022
In short, the editorial took the position that scientific truth should defer to politics ... The Nature Human Behavior journal published an editorial that took the position that scientific truths should defer to politics. The implications for scientific inquiry and truth-seeking are clear.

Red Pill Expo expounded: Defending yourself from the entrenched technocracy

UK Column 16 Sep 2022
In a campaign that the Breggins call ReFounding America, they are working with thousands of other dedicated people around the world, many of them lawyers and medical professionals, to tell the truth about Covid-19 and how it is being used to suppress and destroy Western democratic republics and freedom throughout the world.

Dr. Anthony: From AIDS To C-19

The Liberty Beacon 15 Sep 2022
Fauci has been candid about his suppression of dissent ... “It has been remarkable,” Holland said, “to see one of the most influential figures in American life purposely suppressing truthful information—about a lab leak, about scientists who said there should be no lockdowns, about the value of masks and the risks of vaccines.”.

Hyderabad Liberation Day gets its due, finally

Hindustan Times 14 Sep 2022
For a long time, our civilisational ethos of accommodating all points of view resulted in either suppressing or sidestepping issues that need an honest conversation ... The state government tried to suppress these inconvenient truths and unsavoury past.

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