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While Republicans Cry About Cancel Culture, They're Canceling Democracy

Democratic Underground 14 May 2021
But the truly Orwellian turns of the current GOP leadership discourse about the nature of language and truth and history suggest that so much of the hysteria about wokeness and cancel culture is less about who’s being told to stop talking than whose truths it is fine to suppress.

‘If People Had Better IQ’: BJP Defends COVID Response, Slammed

Yahoo Daily News 14 May 2021
Putting ‘Narrative’ and ‘Truth’ in two columns, BJP tweeted the sheet, saying, “They have been using the pandemic for their vested political interests. But truth can’t be suppressed ... Here are the ‘truths’ to the ‘narratives’..

Mark Figley: Tim Scott knows that Democrats have zero credibility

Lima Ohio 14 May 2021
Talk about voter suppression and political violence; these guys invented the concepts. In truth, it is the GOP which deserves credit for supporting civil rights and voting enfranchisement throughout history; not the likes of Democrats like TheophilusBullConnor or ...

Obituary: Shamim Hanafi, Urdu scholar and critic

Hindustan Times 12 May 2021
PUBLISHED ON MAY 12, 2021 02.23 PM IST ... For him, human suffering overrides all barriers and genuine literature cannot be produced if one pays no heed to lies and the truths that live inside those lies ... Silence too has different connotations and Hanafi asserts that it is immoral to suppress the truth by being reticent ... ....

Conservative students' group post leaflets satirizing Moon government

Korea Times 11 May 2021
Courtesy of New National Council of Student Representatives. By Bahk Eun-ji ... All channels of criticisms have been suppressed whether they are comments, posters, or leaflets," the poster read. "So we apologize for telling the truth, having a different opinion from yours, wishing for freedom of speech, and requesting a fair opportunity ... .

National Geographic Documentary Films Partners With Acclaimed Director Dawn Porter in Search of Justice and ...

The Marshall News Messenger 10 May 2021
With access to family members of those killed, city officials, archeologists and historians, the film reveals the decades-long effort by descendants and community members to find the victims' bodies and unearth truths that have been suppressed for nearly a century.

Al-Quds rallies reiterate full support for Palestinians

The News International 08 May 2021
Stressing the importance of Al-Quds Day, speakers said it was more than only expressing solidarity for the oppressed Palestinians; it was rather fighting against tyrant, arrogant and oppressive regimes that were suppressing the Muslims.

Letters to the Editor Saturday, May 8

The Daily Gazette 08 May 2021
PHOTOGRAPHER. Gazette Editorial Board ... I have zero tolerance for those who accept lies over truth ... Lastly, I have zero tolerance for the GOP’s efforts to suppress the vote throughout the country ... In conclusion, while we can debate policy differences, we should not tolerate lies over truth, poor and racist policing, anti-vaxxers or voter suppression ... Mr.

Court Hears CHD’s Arguments Against Facebook, Zuckerberg and ‘Fact Checkers’

GlobalResearch 07 May 2021
As Justice Holmes famously said, “The best test of truth is the power of the thought to get itself accepted in the competition of the market.” ... Mark Zuckerberg publicly claims social media platforms shouldn’t be “the arbiters of truth.” Yet his acts to suppress critique of government officials and policies belie those pronouncements.

Watching Jake Tapper on HR1 voting rights, of course manchin

Democratic Underground 07 May 2021
Why won't the reporter just say the truth which is rethugs know if ...

Trump Republicans have had it with Liz Cheney and the democracy she chooses to defend

The Milford Daily News 07 May 2021
For those confused about the crisis enveloping House Republicans right now, here's a quick primer. (Spoiler alert ... Capitol on Jan ... 6 riot in order to pander to his supporters (with the added benefit of using that lie as an excuse to pass voter suppression laws in Florida, Texas and Georgia out of phony "election security" concerns). ►Speak the truth.

History: The Kent State May 4, 1970 Shootings. New Documents Surface, Raise Serious Questions

GlobalResearch 07 May 2021
While continuing to work as a geology professor at Kent State, Glenn spent the rest of his life searching for the truth by investigating what led up to the senseless killing of four college students ... A passage of time should not comfort those in positions of power who continue to suppress the truth.

Hidalgo and Turner Cancel Events With Houston's Biggest Business Group Over Silence On Texas Voter Bills

Houston Press 05 May 2021
“The blunt truth is you can’t stand for that and at the same time be silent on voter suppression,” she said ... “The irony of the refusal to take a vote on voter suppression, lest the membership come out in favor of protecting the vote, is not lost on me,” Hidalgo said.

Petri: Here's what I think happens in Orwell's books based on how I've heard 'Orwellian' used

Democratic Underground 05 May 2021
Link to tweet. Tweet text.. Fiddler. @cFidd ... 'Bang!' one shouted ... Winston suppressed a shudder ... Winston worked in the Ministry of Truth ... The Ministry of Truth’s employees were in charge of writing down the most negative things about Big Brother they could, by transcribing verbatim what came out of his mouth, and that seemed unfair to Winston ... 1 ... 2 ... .

Houston, Harris County annual addresses no longer hosted by Greater Houston Partnership over Texas voter bill dispute

Community Impact Newspaper 05 May 2021
Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo will not collaborate with the region’s chamber of commerce, the Greater Houston Partnership, to present their annual State of the City and State of the County addresses ... “The blunt truth is you can’t stand for that and at the same time be silent on voter suppression." .