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Mark Middleton, Meet Daniel Best by David Martin

Earth Newspaper 02 Jul 2022
I posted the first version of what would expand into the Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression on March 7, 1998. There were 13 originally, expanding in stages to 17 by the end of 1999, where it has stayed. No changes were made in the original entries ... Take my two title characters, for instance ... David “DC DaveMartin Archive ... Report.

Jerry Hopkins: Being human

The Marshall News Messenger 30 Jun 2022
... we can believe is really truthful ... “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them” (Romans 1.18-19).

‘The usual scams just aren’t working’: Trump’s defense against Hutchinson testimony is ‘preposterously weak’

Raw Story 29 Jun 2022
The aide to White House chief of staff Mark Meadows told the House select committee that Trump knew his supporters were armed on Jan ... "The real game is to project manufactured confidence that if it did, somehow truths being suppressed by Trump’s enemies would suddenly come to light, to inject a fog of uncertainty into mainstream media coverage." ... .

My Take On The News

Yated Ne'eman 29 Jun 2022
Facing the Truth ... He was a famous man who came from there, from the place of falsehood to the truth, and who helped us to see the light… ... “Every person has occasional moments of inspiration, but many people tend to suppress those feelings or ignore them,” Rav Aharon declared.

Making a HK governor invisible

Taipei Times 27 Jun 2022
So, the CCP has now gotten rid of any school textbooks that might tell the truth about Hong Kong’s past and its aspirations ... However, while authoritarian states such as China and Russia can suppress the academics who want to write truthfully about the past, they cannot bury the truth itself by obliterating people’s memories and experiences.


This Day 27 Jun 2022
F. E. Ogbimi contends that increasing interest rate does not reduce inflation, but increasing employment. We know there are persistent inflation pressure in low-productivity-, one-sector- agricultural-artisan African economies, especially Nigeria’s ... Many individuals and groups of intelligentsia and intellectuals work to suppress the truth ... 1.

The rise and fall of Israel's Bennett-Lapid Knesset

The Jerusalem Post 25 Jun 2022
‘Who is a hero?” wondered the sages, and answered. “He who suppresses his impulse” (Pirkei Avot 4.1). There is truth to that, as there is in King Solomon’s insight that “he who rules his spirit” is better than “he who takes a city” (Proverbs 16.32) ... Heroism originally connoted violence ... (credit ... .

New Evidence Implicates CIA, LAPD, FBI and Mafia as Plotters in Elaborate “Hit” Plan to ...

GlobalResearch 25 Jun 2022
“constructed the criminal equivalent of a Potemkin Village —a Hollywood style set whose façade concealed the truth that evidence was overlooked, destroyed or suppressed, and witnesses were ignored or intimidated into silence ... The Truth about U.S.

National Herald case | ED and such agencies don't affect me, says Rahul Gandhi | Mint

Live Mint 23 Jun 2022
While interacting with the party workers at the AICC headquarters, Gandhi said, "ED and such agencies don't affect me, even the officers who interrogated me understood that a leader of the Congress party can't be scared and suppressed." ... Truth never gets tired. Lies will get tired, but the truth never does.".

This cardinal opposed the Nazis and can teach us how to fight totalitarianism

Life Site 23 Jun 2022
If we continue, if we remain faithful in our struggle, then the day will come when all this spirit, this iron will, now suppressed and condemned to silence, will re-emerge, truth and justice will be honoured again, and we will once again be able, as Christians, to work on building a Christian Germany.

50 hours, 5 days: Rahul Gandhi reveals how he managed to stay calm during ED questioning

The Times of India 22 Jun 2022
NEW DELHI ... Sharing details of his questioning, Rahul said. "I was made to sit in a small dark room ... "I decided not to tell them the truth and instead give some other reason ... "The officers who interrogated me also understood that it is not possible to scare or suppress any leader of the Congress because we stand for truth," he said ... .

Bear Trap completely contained; Black Fire containment improves

El Defensor Chieftain 22 Jun 2022
There is still ongoing fire suppression repair, which consists of putting in water bars, brush and seeding dozer lines ... It is burning in the southern edge of the Aldo Leopold Wilderness about 33 miles west-southwest of Truth or Consequences.

Julian Assange

Salt Lake City Weekly 22 Jun 2022
Without a few brave, journalistic purveyors of uncomfortable truths, our entire world would be doomed ... Julian Assange is the man behind WikiLeaks, and he's made it his business to dredge up the truth ... was denying truth to ... has become complicit in the business of suppressing truth.

John Weir shares his “impressions of the truth”

Metro USA 20 Jun 2022
I remember what suits me,” Weir quotes, at the book’s outset, from the Anthony Mann film “The Naked Spur,” and in his confession about changing up the details of the affair with Phil the narrator, says, “Not a bit of the truth that I have suppressed casts me in a favorable light.” ... He comes to admit the truth of his pop star boyfriend’s assessment.

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